fixed braces in leciester

Quick straight teeth

At Splen Dental Care, we are always expanding our services in multiple areas. Orthodontics has advanced over the years and we are now pleased to offer our patients with orthodontic treatment.

Both fixed (white brackets) and removable (Clear) braces are available.

About quick straight teeth

We use Quick Straight Teeth™ (QST) for fixed braces and Invisalign™ for removable braces.

At Splendental adults looking to straighten their teeth can now get that smile they dreamed of in a short period. If you want straight teeth and a beautiful smile then Quick Straight Teeth™ could be for you. Our braces look great, feel comfortable and work quickly for affordable prices.

We are experiences and highly skilled in teeth straightening in Leicester

Advantages of QST

  • QST utilises special clear brackets and tooth coloured wire making them virtually invisible to the eyes.
  • Fewer dental visits and typically less expensive than traditional braces.
  • Average wear time of approximately 3-6 months using low forces to gently move the teeth.

Benefits of well aligned teeth

  • Healthier gums, as teeth are easier to clean.
  • Radiant smiles without waiting years
  • Medical benefits of maintaining good oral health – fight against tooth wear and gum disease.
  • Healthy teeth encourage a nutritional diet by eating a variety of foods.
  • Help boost your self esteem. Visit fee guide.
fixed braces in leciester