Conscious sedation

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At Splen Dental Care, we offer a conscious sedation option for nervous patients and patients with severe gag reflexes. As the name suggests, conscious sedation involves using a sedative (Midazolam inj.) in order to lower the patient’s anxiety level and also reduce the gag reflex, to make dental procedures easier. Please discuss this with your dentist on your visit. These procedures need careful medical assessment prior to being able to have sedation.

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Who can benefit from dental implants?

To determine if you are a potential candidate, we examine the condition of your jawbone and determine suitability for the treatment. Our clinician will assess your oral health for the appropriateness of the procedure.
Not everyone is suitable for the treatment. Unsuitable candidates include patients with extremely narrow jaw bones or possess little spaces between the jawbone and sinus cavity.

Benefits of dental implants

Improved appearance – implants look and feel like natural teeth. It also allows you to retain your natural face shape and smile.
Improved comfort – implants also eliminate the discomfort from using removable dentures.